Today, I made a can of nuts and stuffed it with monkeys.

Yesterday, via their blog, Woot released a papercraft version of a classic prank: the can of nuts filled with springy snakes that leap out and surprise, anger and confuse an unsuspecting (supposedly) victim. Woot added a very Woot-like twist to the prank by substituting springy screaming monkeys that leap out in place of the classic snakes. Of course, being made of card-stock, the whole prank lacked a certain believability factor. Nevertheless, since I have enjoyed papercrafting in the past, I could not resist taking up the minor challenge of building the thing.

Woot's Fancy Mixed Nuts - A Papercraft April Fool's day prank

Woot's Fancy Mixed Nuts - A Papercraft April Fool's day prank

The whole process took about an hour — Woot’s design had some small details that took some patience with a hobby knife to prepare. The monkeys were especially delicate. Thirteen different minisucle parts for each monkey had to be individually trimmed from the printed sheet, some of them barely an eighth-inch across. After some careful cutting, not so careful folding, and patient glueing, I completed the kit. A test run was successful; the monkeys successfully sprung out of their container after opening with as much vigor and speed as one could hope for from paper springs. It was both cheesy and horrible, yet still it worked much better than expected. I packed the parts separately so as to avoid ruining the limited spring of the paper, and waited until this morning to deliver the result to an unsuspecting victim.

Building the Woot Papercraft Mixed Nuts April Fool's Day Prank

Papercraft takes a sharp hobby knife, tacky glue, and patience

After a quick re-assembly, I gave the thing to my brother today. His skepticism was apparent as he took the paper tube and opened it apprehensively. One solitary monkey half-heatedly oozed from the paper tube of mixed nuts, and the other two stuck behind requiring a show of force to wrest them from their hiding spot. Apparently, I packed them in a bit too tight, or overlaped, or maybe the paper springs only had enough juice in them for that first test run the previous night. Whatever the case, it was a disappointing result. Despite the poor showing, I was and am still impressed with the creativity of Woot’s April Fool’s day offering, and had fun assembling their kit. Maybe with some modifications, I could make a version that worked…

A completed flying woot monkey papercraft

A completed papercraft flying woot monkey

Woot's can of mixed nuts - a papercraft April Fool's day prank

A can of mixed nuts? Or a dangerous trap?

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