Office Chair Reupholstery

My office chair, which I love, was getting ragged with age. It is very old, rescued from an old job I had where it was slated to be thrown out. I loved it enough that I asked to keep it, and have used it at home for several years. While no Aeron, it is very comfortable and very very sturdy. Built from steel and molded plywood, the frame was solid and designed to last. Unfortunately, the upholstery was not. Pieces of it gradually wore away, and holes began to form in the seat with wear. Knowing I would not likely find another chair like it, and not wanting to spend the money on a much more expensive chair that would be only marginally more comfortable, I decided to resue it and attempt reupholstery.

Here is what it looked like before my attempt:

Reading a few sites online, I made a trip to the fabric store and found some clearance upholstery fabric on sale, and some chair foam marked 50% off. It was a bit ugly, but I was more focused on the feel and comfort of the fabric, and its price. Then, I took the chair to my garage and set to work:

The finished result is far from perfect, I could have done a better job if I had taken the time to sew proper corners instead of just tucking them around, but my purpose was satisfied. Spending very little money, I restored the comfort and feel of my favorite chair, and it should last me years more to come.

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