New Personal Business Cards

I tend to go to a lot of events, and often run into the problem of sharing contact information with people. Since I am an independent contractor, and work for a small number of fixed clients, I do not have much need of a business card professionally, but decided that it could be of benefit socially as well. I opted to go with's mini cards, since they are more portable and uniquely designed. I set to work coming up with a design, which I reached here (front and back):

I posted the design to reddit's design critiques board, and showed it around the office for feedback. Most people liked the recessed wood QR code on the back, but did not think it matched well with the design on the other side. So, I took some advice and inspiration from everybody's suggestions, and came up with this:

The consensus on the new design was almost universally positive, and I sent it to the printers at Moo. I am happy with the result, and can't wait to see if it helps at events and conventions!

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