I built an arcade cabinet for my brother

I built this arcade cabinet as a christmas gift for my brother. After everything he has done to help me this past year, I knew I had to give him an epic gift, so this is what I came up with. The desktop based design turned out great, and makes it easy to sit in front of it for long gaming sessions. I spent most of my free time in early December working on it, and it came out great!

I built it in my garage from my own plans I designed in Google SketchUp. It uses an old Dell 1907FP lcd monitor as the screen and competition grade controls I bought from Ultimarc online. The top marquee has a fluorescent light behind it that lights up the acrylic and paper image in front of it. The rest is built mostly from MDF and finished with textured spray-paint and t-molding. It works as a peripheral right now, connecting through USB to an external computer, but we have a ATOM based small computer on order that I will mount inside so it will be self-contained and only require a power connection.

The project was fun and a great learning experience, and I felt it was a worthy gift for my brother.

I am posting a full guide on how I made it with more pics here.

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