Quick Benchtop Tool Table Build

I have a small but growing collection of benchtop power tools in my garage shop. Since it is only a narrow one-car garage, benchtop tools allow me to make the most of the limited space. However, I have found that moving them off and on to my work bench during a project was getting to be a pain, and was not really an option for the new planer I recently purchased. So, I decided to build a smaller work table out of some 2x4s and a spare shelf I had in my garage.

I did not draw up any plans for this project before starting since it is such a simple build; instead I eyeballed the size I wanted, made some quick sketches and notes in the shop, and got to work.

I first planed some 2x4s square, more as a test of the new planer that I was anxious to try out than out of necessity, but it did make everything fit together nicely. Next, I cut it to the lengths I would need, 4 Legs, 4 wide cross supports, and 4 narrow cross supports.

For assembly, I used a new Kregg pockethole jig I picked up rencently and used long 2.5" weatherproof screws to hold it together. Like the planing, this step was not necessary, but I had just picked up the jig and wanted some practice with it before working on a more serious project. It could more easilly be assembled as easilly with 2" wood screws straight through the boards, and might have even been stronger that way, though the finished project turned out plenty sturdy with the addition of a little wood glue.

Finally, I again used the pocket hole jig to attach the top. For this application, the jig worked wonderfully and allowed me to have a firmly attached table top without drilling through the top. The tabletop is a spare plywood shelf I had sitting in the garage that I trimmed down on the table saw.

The finished table turned out great. It's stable, sturdy and just the right size and height for the tools I plan to use with it. It should get a lot of use, and it's small footprint fits well in my narrow workspace.

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